Sunday, February 7, 2016


The third book in the Z-Dawg series finds Zack in attack mode again.  Zack and Grandpa are living in a haunted apartment building, high on a hill, in a place that was once Ground Zero for the witch trials held in 1692.  Then, in 1874, The Danvers State Mental Hospital was built on this exact spot!  This place is haunted. Dead bodies have been callously tossed into unmarked graves after torturous experiments done to them at the hospital.  There is screaming and moaning coming from the walls and floorboards of the condominium, where 14 year old Bridget Bradshaw, and her mom live.  Bridget is a descendant of Sarah Bradshaw, who was accused of witchcraft by John Hathorne.   Hathorne placed a curse on her family for all eternity.  Then, her great, great, grandmother, also Sarah Bradshaw, was tortured in the mental hospital because of a horrible secret that she carried to her grave.  Bridget and her mom need help.  How will Z-Dawg help reverse the curse and set the tortured spirits free after 300 years?  Evil resides in this dark place, at Ground Zero 

To find more about THE SCREAMING WITCH OF OLDE SALEM VILLAGE and to view the other adventures in this series please click on the web address below:

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